We’re trapped on this very thin slice of perception … But even at that slice of reality that we call home, we’re not seeing most of what’s going on.
— David Engleman, TED2015

The theme

Building off the mathematical/geometric concept of a Möbius strip, a 2D construct existing in our 3D world, we challenge our community to consider concepts that might be unfamiliar - or uncanny - at first glance.

We gear up for another year of amplifying, discussing, and considering ideas at a one-of-a-kind conference featuring interdisciplinary presenters, speakers, and innovations in the spirit of TEDx, right here on the banks of the Red Cedar.

Check out the event at TED.com! 

The Speakers

Our speakers come from a wide variety of backgrounds and inspirations, and thus carry with them contrasting insights. Collectively, they share a commitment to the MSU and Greater Lansing community, and a simultaneous passion for inspiring mindfulness - and challenging the status quo - in the world around them. 

OUR supporters

TEDxMSU is indebted to the following organizations that steadfastly support our mission, goals, and message.

Interested in joining the fun? Follow this link for inquiries on sponsorship or partnership. 

Our Partners